Implementation of software solutions for professional product modeling and data management

Short description of the project

aTHERMIA d.o.o. has signed essay writing services with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts and the Croatian Agency for Small Business, Innovation and Investment (Hamag Bicro) Grant Agreement number: KK. for the implementation of the project “Implementation of software solutions for professional modeling The project includes investment in tangible and intangible assets related to the introduction of new and / or improvement of existing ICT solutions to optimize business processes, integrate business functions, efficient workflow organization and improve interaction with customers and suppliers and improve the market position of the company and increase the competitiveness and efficiency of business. The implementation of this project is necessary for the future business of the company because the results that will be achieved as a final result of the investment will enable the continuation of successful business, which includes sustainable growth and development, and increase the competitiveness of companies. ke.

Project implementation period

The project is implemented from January 16, 2017 to November 16, 2017.

The general goal of the project

  • Supporting the development of competitiveness by helping the sustainable development of production and strengthening the ability of SMEs to compete in international markets as a way to increase regional competitiveness and accelerate economic growth

Project purpose (specific objectives)

  • Increasing competitiveness, raising the level of IT and communication competencies of employees and the company, increasing sales revenue, increasing labor productivity and net jobs created and created by purchasing new ICT

Expected project results

  1. Purchased and installed Solidworks Professional 2016 PLC
  2. Purchased and implemented SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Professional 2016 CAD Editor – PLC
  3. Trained design staff in 3D
  4. Purchased and installed Pantheon HR MF
  5. Purchased and installed SQL Server 2014 bestgrillcover Standard
  6. Purchased a multifunctional device
  7. Purchased network drive to store data
  8. Purchased projector
  9. Purchased computer
  10. Purchased laptop
  11. Bought a computer monitor
  12. Purchased Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  13. Purchased Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business
  14. Implemented EPDM and trained staff
  15. Implemented Pantheon program and trained staff •

The total value of the project is: 1,021,830.98 HRK • Total eligible costs are: 1,021,830.98 HRK • The amount of co-financing from the European Union: 919,647.88 HRKFor more information about the project you can contact Ivana Pobi at: ivan.pobi@thermia .hr For more information on the European Structural and Investment Funds, visit ** [www.strukturnifondovi.hr] (http://thermia.hr/home/ikt/www.strukturnifondovi.hr) ** For more information on the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion visit ** [http://www.strukturnifondovi.hr/op-konkurentnost-i-kohezija-2014-2020-779] (http://www.strukturnifondovi.hr/op-konkurentnost-i-kohezija-2014-2020- 779) **