One of the leaders fireplace
manufacturers in Europe

Top quality fireplaces, flue pipes and other products are provided to our customers in a modern design or redesign with high series production

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Why choose Thermia furnaces?

thermia logo European standards  icon
European standards

Production in Croatia according to German standards.

thermia logo Modern design icon
Modern design

Fireplaces and other products come in attractive and modern designs.

thermia logo High efficiency  icon
High efficiency

Our various fireplaces represent simple, clean operation and economical heating.

thermia logo  Minimal pollution icon
Minimal pollution

The release of minimum amounts of CO2 for environmental protection purposes.

thermia logo Wide range  icon
Wide range

Products are adaptable to all customer requirements.

thermia logo Customizations  icon

Possibility of design or redesign at the request of the client.

thermia logo CO2 and environmental impact icon
CO2 and environmental impact

Our fireplace stoves have been developed for optimal combustion of heating agents with the release of minimal amounts of carbon dioxide in order to protect nature.

thermia logo <40 mg of soot per cubic meter icon
<40 mg of soot per cubic meter

About us

Thermia is based on a rich industrial development in sheet metal processing. First-class wood-burning fireplaces and flue pipes have enabled Thermia to conquer the most demanding markets in Europe at high speed.

quote icon “Design is intelligence made visible.”

Do you like our fireplaces?

Thermia operates with state-of-the-art production technology and a production capacity of 30,000 fireplaces and 500,000 items of flue program per year. Feel free to contact us if we are your ideal choice.

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