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Top quality fireplaces, flue pipes and other products are provided to our customers in a modern design or redesign with high series production

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How do we do that?

Thermia is based on a rich industrial development in sheet metal processing. First-class wood-burning fireplaces and flue pipes have enabled Thermia to conquer the most demanding markets in Europe at high speed.

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High technical equipment

Quality of workmanship at an enviable level

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Years of Experience

why we do it

Why are we doing this?

Due to our central position in Europe, we have quick access to all European countries, where we deliver our products quickly and cheaply. Low production costs enable the creation of an interesting offer to the mutual satisfaction.


How did we develop?

From its beginnings, when it offered fireplace stoves, Thermia has developed and superbly equipped its plants, and today it can boast of the production of first-class stoves that easily pass certification tests according to European standards.

Thermia operates with state-of-the-art technology and a production capacity of 30,000 fireplaces and 500,000 items of flue program per year.